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Sacramento Business Journal lists Meals for All, Inc. as one of their Top 25 Women-Owned Businesses

Meals for All is proud to announce we have made the Sacramento Business Journal’s list of Top 25 Certified Women-Owned Businesses! Our emergency preparedness nutrition solution is now used in over 100 Sacramento Area hospitals and skilled nursing facilities, and our client base is expanding in all 50 states.

As the only RDN-created and supported emergency meal solution in the healthcare industry, facilities that carry Meals for All consistently pass CMS, JCAHO, and State surveys with flying colors. Hospitals and skilled nursing facilities of all sizes have embraced our meal system, which provides 1-7 days of complete meals for a wide variety of dietary needs. With every new facility we add to our Meals for All network, we can take pride in knowing that one more community is prepared with nutritious, easy-to-prepare meals should the facility ever face an emergency.

What started out as a mission of Registered Dietitians supporting healthcare communities with their institutional emergency preparedness has grown into a thriving business with consultants based around the country, promoting uninterrupted nutritional care that saves lives and money. Being chosen for this prestigious list is a testament to our hard work in building a thriving company that supports a vast network of healthcare clients, and we greatly appreciate the acknowledgement. It’s incredibly rewarding to see how far we’ve come in just six short years of business, and exciting to be featured on such an inspiring list of fellow women-owned businesses!

Click here for the full list from the Sacramento Business Journal.

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