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Nationwide Wildfires: Are You Prepared?

Nationwide Wildfires: Are You Prepared?

According to the National Drought Mitigation Center, all states in the West — from Washington down to California, to as far east as New Mexico — are experiencing severe to exceptional drought, and Western Canada’s extremely dry spring may lead to an early and active fire season. For the first time since 2014, parts of Northern California saw a May “red flag” fire warning due to dry and windy conditions. Fire officials predict conditions will continue to get worse as we continue further into summer and temperatures start to rise.
As a whole, the state of California is acutely aware of its susceptibility to wildfires, as is most of the West and Southwest. However, wildfires can (and do) occur nationwide. As of June 25, 2021, 56 large fires have burned over 600,000 acres in 13 states, including Florida and North Carolina. (Source: National Interagency Fire Center)
While local fire departments ensure they do all they can to keep the public safe, individuals and healthcare facilities should reinforce their emergency preparedness plans to prepare for possible wildfires. Meals for All’s team of Registered Dietitian consultants are here to help ensure you have shelf-stable, emergency water and nutritious, easy-to-prepare food as part of your emergency kit and meal plan. 
In addition to our award-winning turnkey volume feeding emergency meal solution, Meals for All’s Residential Kit includes complete meals for six people, with 3-day and 7-day menu options available. We are also a proud partner with Blue Can Water – pure, 50-year shelf-stable drinking water in easy-to-store/transport aluminum cans.
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