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Meals For All Offers Support During Hurricane Laura

Meals for All Offers Support During Hurricane Laura

Back in May of this year, leading researchers at Colorado State predicted at least four major storms (Category 3 or higher) would develop this hurricane season, with a nearly 70 percent chance that at least one of those major storms would strike the U.S. coast.

Hurricane Isaias was the first of these major storms to make landfall in the U.S., roaring up the East Coast July 28th through August 4th. Now the Gulf Coast is bracing itself for Hurricane Laura, a potentially deadly storm with winds currently clocked at 125 mph, making it a Category 3 storm. It is expected to strengthen to a Category 4 by this afternoon, August 26th, with Louisiana, Texas, and parts of Arkansas expected to be drastically affected by the storm surge.

With Hurricane Laura will come potentially catastrophic winds, flooding, and power outages throughout the Gulf Coast region. Responding to such a major storm amid an ongoing pandemic presents a long list of challenges. Educating the general public regarding safe evacuation practices and supporting healthcare facilities who are treating vulnerable COVID-19 patients are just a couple of the most pressing issues. As reported by The Atlantic, The National Center for Disaster Preparedness acknowledges that “emergency managers’ resources have been depleted by the pandemic, and they may not be able to count on federal support to fill in the gap they will face” when a storm hits local communities. (Source)

Whether or not you or your facility is prepared with our emergency meal solution, Meals for All’s RDNs are available to offer their support to all facilities during Hurricane Laura. If your facility needs guidance & support while coping with power outages, an impending evacuation, or other emergency situations related to the storm, please call 916-832-6325 to connect with one of our qualified RDNs. Meals for All encourages you to be as prepared as possible during this emergency — as well as those to come — and we are here to help. Stay safe, everyone.

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