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Reduce Emergency Nutritional Risk and Preparation Expense


MFA Dining kits

Dining Kits: Meals for All emergency meal solution has transformed emergency meal preparation for healthcare communities. During an emergency or disaster, using disposable meal service items creates additional operational challenges. The trash piles up due to bulky foam products which do not easily crush and are not biodegradable.  Meals for All dining kits solve many of those problems. 



Simple Solution for a Complex Challenge

DiningKitBoxesEmergency preparedness requires storage of numerous cases of bulky items which are all miss-matched case sizes and quantities. Save space and time on inventory in your storage area with the Meals for All solution. Does this picture look familiar?






The Meals for All dining kits require half the storage space and are twice the quality of foam products.                   

A.M.,FSD Sacramento, CA


Complete Compact Convenient Dining Kit Solution

Everything needed to serve meals to 150 people. Meals for All Dining Kits are packed in one sturdy case, the same size as 6 – #10 cans!


MFA Dining Kit

  • 150 Heavyweight black divided plates that are microwave safe
  • 150 Clear 12-ounce beverage cups
  • 150 Large heavyweight spoons
  • 150 Quality napkins




Emergency Meal Preparedness Made Simple

  • Simplify disposable purchases!
  • Simplify disposable storage!
  • Simplify disposable inventory!
  • Simplify disaster meal service!
  • Simplify disposable refuse!


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