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Meals for All Emergency Preparedness Solution provides three meals plus snack daily in one to seven day plans.

Plan includes comprehensive easy to use Policy and Procedure Manual with training. All the critical topics needed are included for smooth implementation and uninterrupted resident nutritional care.

Special Diets and Populations

The delicious Meals for All Emergency Menu has been planned to provide basic nutrients and meet the needs of most people. The menus and recipes have been specially prepared to allow their use on most healthcare therapeutic or special diets. A complete nutritional analysis is available for review by the Registered Dietitian. The Meals for All Emergency Menu as planned is appropriate for these typical healthcare diets:

  • Regular
  • Mechanical Soft
  • Sodium Restricted
  • Renal Diet Diabetic and Low/No Concentrated Sweets
  • Low Cholesterol/Low Fat
  • 2 gm Sodium
  • Puree: special puree ready-to-serve products are also available
  • Pediatric menus for ages 1-18 available

Residential and Home Emergency Menu Solution

  • Ideal solution for 6 bed residential facility or your home
  • 3 or 7 Day Menu options
  • Complete meals for 6 people, plus extras
  • Delicious, complete, nutritionally-balanced meals
  • Most therapeutic diets and textures available
  • Simple storage – fits in two 12 x 18 cases

Nutrient Content

The Registered Dietitian Nutritionists at Meals for All have analyzed every food item in our seven day menus for 25 nutrients — much more than the Nutrient Facts labels on products. Three full meals a day plus snack provides approximately 2,000 calories with 90-100 grams of protein while moderate in sodium. The Meals for All recipes and menus have been created to allow our foods to be used on most health care diets. Menu spreadsheets for each day include totals of key nutrient for each therapeutic diet. Contact us for additional information.

Preparation Tips for Meals for All

Meals for All are easily prepared without utilities or trained staff. Complete meals can be prepared using hot or cold water, allowing uninterrupted meal service even when gas or electricity is not available.

Click here for the Meal Preparation Guide

Emergency Policy and Procedure Manual

Meals for All Emergency Solution comes complete with an easy to use policy and procedure manual. All the critical topics needed are included for smooth implementation and uninterrupted resident nutritional care. Training materials are included and manuals updated for current regulations and best practices.

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