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Meals for All Emergency Solution comes complete with an easy to use policy and procedure manual. All the critical topics needed are included for smooth implementation and uninterrupted resident nutritional care. Topics include:

  • Emergency plan posted & available
  • In-service training
  • Heating source for water
  • Food temperatures and food safety
  • Handwashing for food preparers
  • Emergency dietary staff
  • Food preparation
  • Emergency menus
  • Menus and therapeutic diets
  • Emergency supplies
  • Number of persons included in emergency food plan
  • Emergency storage
  • Emergency inventory and verification
  • Emergency deliveries
  • Transportable meals
  • Alternate kitchen facilities
  • Simplified emergency meal service
  • Waste disposal
  • Amount of water storage needed
  • Water storage guidelines
  • Storing your own emergency water
  • Other water sources in facility
  • How to sanitize water in an emergency
  • Water for nursing procedures
  • Alternative water sources
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