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Could COVID-19 Affect YOUR Facility?

Could COVID-19 Affect YOUR Facility?

News outlets currently report communities nationwide — and worldwide 
— now require quarantines due to the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. The quarantines are affecting offices, schools, and, perhaps most concerning, healthcare facilities.

During a crisis such as this, Meals for All is the ideal turnkey emergency nutrition solution. Are members of your food service staff absent or quarantined? No other trained staff available? No problem!

Meals for All is simple to implement — no complicated steps or tools required. Staff and volunteers with no cooking skills can prepare Meals for All in a pinch. Meals for All can be prepared using hot or cold water, with or without gas or electric equipment, allowing uninterrupted meal service to those in need. Just add water & stir to prepare Meals for All.

You can rest easy knowing that, despite the uncertainty of how long the  COVID-19 quarantines will last, Meals for All will ensure patients, staff, and community members are able to eat delicious, nutritious meals with no hassle. We feature one menu designed for easy implementation that is suitable for most therapeutic and texture modified diets — and the food is delicious!

Meals for All’s Registered Dietitians are available to discuss how you can prepare your facility best during these uncertain times. Request a consultation today, and be prepared!

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