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Risk Manager

Emergency Planners or Risk Managers assess hazards and are responsible for all aspects of the safety and security of those who work or visit a health care facility. That responsibility includes continuity of care and safety even during an emergency or disaster.

Meals for All emergency preparedness meal solution provides:

  • Turn-key e-prep solution
  • Can be easily implemented by volunteers or untrained staff
  • Meals can be prepared with cold water if utilities are unavailable
  • Flexible plans from one to seven days
  • Complete written policy manual is included with each order
  • Simple inventory system and long shelf life reduces expense of managing emergency inventory
  • Regulatory friendly with all documentation included

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You pay for it once, possibly amortizing the cost. You don’t bother with it again for ten years. The food tastes good, I have tasted it. ANYONE can prepare it. You add hot water, stir, and serve it from the container that you dispose of. No mess.

  • The menu will cover all therapeutic diets, all in one including Diabetic, Renal, NAS etc. 
  • The meals are mostly casserole type items so the appearance is not an issue. 
  • It’s definitely not the gray peas and sludge of broken canned ravioli.

                                               -Scott, Healthcare Administrator



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