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Educators from pre-school to graduate school assume responsibility for all aspects of their students’ safety and security while on their campus. That responsibility includes continuity and safety even during an emergency or disaster. Meals for All is simply the easiest, most cost-effective Emergency Meal Solution available.

Meals for All emergency preparedness meal solution provides:

  • Turnkey complete solution ready to implement
  • Delicious freeze dried food with quality USDA inspected ingredients
  • Can be easily implemented by volunteers or untrained staff
  • Meals can be prepared with cold water if utilities are unavailable
  • Simple inventory system and long shelf life reduces expense of managing emergency inventory

Disasters come in many forms, can occur anywhere at any time and run the gambit from natural causes such as earthquakes, fires, floods, and severe storms to man-made causes such as an active shooter and chemical spills.

Knowing how to react and respond in a time of crisis can go a long way to keeping you and your students out of harm’s way.

Whether in daycare, K-12 or a college, school emergency preparedness efforts and emergency plans keep students and staff safe. Prepare your school for an emergency.

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