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Healthcare Administrators

Administration is responsible for all aspects of operating a health care facility. That responsibility includes continuity of care and safety even during an emergency or disaster.

Meals for All emergency preparedness meal solution provides:

  • Turnkey complete solution
  • Can be easily implemented by volunteers or untrained staff
  • Flexible plans from one to seven days
  • Complete written policy manual is included with each order
  • Simple inventory system and long shelf life reduces expense of managing emergency inventory
  • Regulatory friendly with all documentation included

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In my 28 year career as a Healthcare Administrator, I have never seen a product remotely as innovative. The improvement it makes instantly lifts a burden and your confidence in survey preparedness is sealed for 10 years.

All other current systems take up space and are difficult to impossible to secure from staff who borrow from it and other shrinkage. You have to:

  • Purchase more
  • Figure how to rotate into the menus yearly
  • Worry about inventory walking off, and finding out after the State arrives that items are missing or expired
  • Keep track of all diets including Renal, Diabetic, Low Sodium, etc.
  • Lose space in your store room due to the size of the disaster menu items
  • Train staff and hope they’ll be present to unpack and prep food using a safe heat source when disaster strikes

Meals for All solves these problems

  • You pay for it once, amortizing the cost and you’re set for 10 years.
  • The food tastes good and anyone can prepare it with no training or hot water needed.
  • The menu covers all therapeutic diets, including Diabetic, Renal, NAS, etc.

Don’t waste time, money, and resources to be uncertain year round if you’re disaster-ready!

Scott, Healthcare Administrator


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