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Disolve your worries. WE have a solution!

Dissolve your worries. WE have a solution!

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Happy Holidays from Meals for All 2016

Happy Holidays! Meals for All’s positive changes this year are owed to our great customers and the supporters who really believe in our products. This year we hit the ground running by preparing for our year-long conference, webinar and association speaking schedule around the country. Jo Miller, our Vice President of Nutrition has established herself as one of the most knowledgeable professionals in the U.S. regarding Emergency Nutrition. While traveling, Lee Tincher, President of Meals for All, had time to write a feature article “Q&A Emergency Readiness”for the January edition of Edge magazine, and we shared copies of this informative piece at our events through out the year.

In February, Customer & Sales Support professional Cheryl Townsy joined Meals for All. Maybe you have already had the pleasure of speaking with her whenever you call our office. She has dialed in our customer support and has made life easier for all.

We also hired a Marketing Manager – Marcy Bradshaw-Angier. I bet you have seen her handwork in the marketing materials, social media and at our events. If not, visit our website www.mealsforall.com or social media pages.

The in-service kit is complete with everything needed for yearly training requirements for staff. All the training materials and samples you will need for your compliance. Easy Peasy!

In the spring we were excited to hire Christin Major, Gulf Coast Consultant, to reach out to facilities and institutions in the Gulf Coast region. She has been busy hosting webinars and educating folks about the Meals for All solution up and down the East and Gulf Coasts.

In September, the NEW CMS guidelines were published prompting us to help our customers sort thru the best practices. Our president, Lee Tincher wrote an article “CMS Finalizes Rule to Bolster Emergency Preparedness – Part One” to be published in Edge magazine.

The strategic hiring of our new National Sales Manager, Rebecca McKinnon. She brings knowledge about all segments of healthcare organizations.

In September, after many requests, we debuted a 3-Day Residential Emergency Meal kit for 6 persons. This line has been very popular with residents and staff in small board and care facilities as well as for personal home use. Folks love the idea of “packing it to go” in case of an emergency. 

In October Meals for All released their newest line of Emergency Preparedness Meals and Plan for Vegetarians. We are thrilled to welcome the addition of a full vegetarian plan into our emergency preparedness line of products. There are many reasons why people follow a vegetarian diet and now Meals for All supports them.

Thank you from all of us! 2016 was a great year for partnerships old and new. We look forward to continuing our work to educate  and support food service communities in need, to create a rippling of successful preparedness in communities throughout the United States.



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