Disaster strikes. Are you prepared?

Disolve your worries. WE have a solution!

Dissolve your worries. WE have a solution!

Get it and forget it! Meals for All

For Healthcare Administrators


Healthcare Administrators

Administration is responsible for all aspects of operating a health care facility. That responsibility includes continuity of care and safety even during an emergency or disaster.

Meals for All emergency preparedness meal solution provides:

  • Turn-key complete solution ready to implement
  • Delicious freeze-dried food with quality USDA inspected ingredients
  • Menus pre-planned for three meals and a snack each day
  • All therapeutic and texture modified diets are covered — even puree is available
  • Can be easily implemented by volunteers or untrained staff
  • Meals can be prepared with cold water if utilities are unavailable
  • Flexible plans from one to seven days
  • Complete written policy manual is included with each order
  • Simple inventory system and long shelf life reduces expense of managing emergency inventory
  • Regulatory friendly with all documentation included


In my 28 year career as a Healthcare Administrator, I have never seen a product remotely as innovative. The improvement it makes is INSTANT, the day it arrives in your building. It’s like a burden is lifted and your confidence in respect to survey preparedness is sealed for ten years.

The current systems take up more space and are difficult to impossible to secure from staff who borrow from it and other shrinkage. You have to:

  1. Annually figure out how to rotate into the menus the awful canned Ravioli, canned Beef Stew, Spam, Corned Beef Hash, canned gray (green) peas, waterlogged carrots etc.
  2. Purchase more of the same listed above, incurring further cost and after listening to complaints from family and residents about the awful canned Chili, etc.
  3. Worry that people are using the inventory and having to check all of it every quarter to sign off that it’s all there. Find out after the state arrives that items are missing. Or worse expired.
  4. Forced to serve different foods to Renals, Diabetics, Low Sodium, etc. I was cited once for not having items for the Renal Diet.
  5. Lose space in your store room due to the size of the Disaster Menu items.
  6. When, not if, the actual disaster arrives hope that there is personnel present to unwrap and actually prepare all of the ingredients in the current menu and have a realistic heat  source to safely heat the food.          

 In summary, waste time, money and resources while being uncertain year around if you have what you need. Serving less than desirable food and preparing it the old way…. the hard way.

A good analogy I would make is to compare the current Disaster Menu systems to Meals for All; it is like comparing a Civil War field hospital to today’s version of a MASH Unit.
Meals for All Benefits

You pay for it once, possibly amortizing the cost. You don’t bother with it again for ten years. The food tastes good, I have tasted it. ANYONE can prepare it. You add hot water, stir, and serve it from the container which you dispose of. No mess.

  • The menu will cover all therapeutic diets, all in one  including Diabetic, Renal, NAS etc. 
  • The meals are mostly casserole type items so the appearance is not an issue. 
  • It’s definitely not the gray peas and sludge of broken canned ravioli.

Scott, Healthcare Administrator


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