Disaster strikes. Are you prepared?

Disolve your worries. WE have a solution!

Dissolve your worries. WE have a solution!

Get it and forget it! Meals for All

Testimonials & Case Studies

  • “I love that Meals for All is designed to ensure all staff, not just Dietary staff, feel comfortable in preparing meals for our residents in an emergency situation.” –Tracie, RDN


  • ”Our Facility purchased Meals for All because everything is included and all diets are supported. In the past, there have been so many questions during survey about the emergency supplies. State surveyor passed this year without any questions and was impressed with how little space was needed to store three days of food for 120 people.” -Debbie M. CDM, CFPP


  • “You purchase Meals for All just once and don’t bother with it again for ten years. The food tastes good. ANYONE can prepare it. You just add hot water, stir and serve.” -SM, CDM 


  • “In my 28 year career as a Healthcare Administrator, I have never seen a product remotely as innovative as Meals for All. The improvement it makes is INSTANT, the day it arrives in your building. It’s like a burden is lifted and your confidence in respect to survey preparedness is sealed for ten years. You pay for it once, possibly amortizing the cost. Meals for All tastes good, I have tasted it. ANYONE can prepare it. You add hot water, stir, and serve it from the container which you dispose of. No Mess.” -Scott, Healthcare Administrator


  • “…the storage control information from Meals for All web in addition to the information Lee had sent was absolutely perfect and the surveyor was perfect satisfied with the information provided. The information was truly valuable the surveyor was very impressed with the emergency location but tried her hardest to find just one thing wrong.” -Kathleen G., Director of Dining Service


  • “We got a perfect survey in the Dietary Department. On the second day of our survey, the surveyors asked to see my emergency food supply. When I took them into the emergency food supply room, they were really impressed!! I told them about the Meals for All program and how in the long run it will save a lot of money on the rotation of the soon to be expired items.” -F. T., Food Service Director


  • ”Survey was a bit stressful. We had 6 surveyors including a district supervisor, 2 trainees and a 7th surveyor who came in for a couple days to focus on medication and clinical. They were here for a full week but given the size of the survey team and amount of time they spent at our facility I feel like we did pretty well. The emergency food supply was well organized and the P&P manual was very clear so this was a non-issue during survey.” -Orlando T., Director of Dining Services, Retirement Community


  • ”Meals for All is stored in its own pantry at our facility and is absolutely great….we’ve passed 3 surveys! “-Lisa M., CDM


  • “I would recommend Meals for All to everybody. It is the best investment ever! We were prepared before our new facility opened.” ~ Amber C., SNF Food Services Manager


  • ”I love that Meals for All requires no food rotation for 10 years! I save SO much time with such a decrease in re-ordering and re-stocking our emergency food supply.” Brittany L., Food Services Director


  • ”We received Meals for All shortly after I took over the FNS department. When I realized we didn’t have any emergency food or water, I immediately called Jo (who I knew from her work in LA). She was so helpful getting us all set up and oriented with the new product. She even came out and made the food up for the CFO and CEO to try. The food is great and I LOVE that all the work is done for me. I don’t have to do the nutrition analysis, I don’t have to rotate the food monthly, I don’t have to make a menu for all the special diets. This program saved me when The Joint Commission came for their inspection. They asked to see our emergency food/water and I couldn’t wait to show them our Meals for All supply. The surveyor seemed pleasantly overwhelmed with all the details I was telling him about our supply and how long it lasted. I am so happy for this product and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to save time and money while also meeting regulations.” -Maryanna M., Director of Dietary Services, Behavioral health


  • “We just passed our first state survey with Meals for All in our SNF and it went beautifully. We were thinking about also doing Meals for All for our emergency food supply on our Independent Living side. -Brittany L., Nutrition Services Manager


  • ”Working in healthcare for over 20 years and living in the Texas gulf coast, I understand the importance of having emergency supplies on hand. The possibility of a hurricane, tornado or flooding have become a way of life here. Keeping up with rotation of supplies and planning for such events sometimes gets lost in everyday operations. With “Meals for All” everything is in place! Jennifer worked with me so we could plan and meet the needs of the facility. The variety of the menus and the 10 year shelf life make “Meals for All” the right choice to be and stay prepared!” -Ken O., CDM, CFPP


  • “I had heard about Meals for All from a colleague of mine who is the DDS for a sister facility with UHS, here in Houston. I decided I would research, since there was not a Disaster plan in place when I first started the job at the Behavioral Hospital of Bellaire. I thoroughly researched and compared the costs, complex challenges of space, nutritional values, and overall facility efficiencies of disaster planning between US Foods, and Meals for All. Meals for All was the answer. Let’s face it. Having to keep miscellaneous product on hand all year in case of a disaster is challenging in more ways than one. Constant rotation, menu changing, space issues, and the labor costs associated with having to keep up with it all…..Meals for All, completely eliminates all these hassles, and is within the budgetary guidelines we all seek to meet. Let me spell it out…..

              1. No rotation.

              2. Requires little storage room-All packed neatly on a pallet!

              3. Planned nutritionally balanced menus tailored to your facility and regulatory needs.

              4. Therapeutic Diet offerings.

              5. 10 year shelf life!!!! Store it and forget about it!

              6. Prepared Disaster Plan Policy and Procedure manual.

              7. Ease of transitioning from old to MFA.

              8. Ready to go disposable serving kits

              9. Cost Savings! Direct buy through MFA.

              10. TIME and COST SAVING!!!!

    The MFA reps are very knowledgeable and will work with you to make the transition go smoothly. They will set up a webinar with you and your facility leaders to thoroughly detail the program, with a Registered Dietician heading up the webinar.

    Meals for All is hands down the most cost effective solution to our emergency nutritional preparedness needs. I highly recommend them, and would be more than willing to answer any questions that any of my colleagues would have. Thank you MEALS FOR ALL! Leigh S. -Director of Dietary Services


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