Disaster strikes. Are you prepared?

Disolve your worries. WE have a solution!

Dissolve your worries. WE have a solution!

Get it and forget it! Meals for All

For Dietitians and Food Service Professionals


Dietitians and Food Service Managers provide excellent nutrition care for their patients. During an emergency, patients need an uninterrupted source of appropriate nutrition.  Meals for All is an emergency preparedness meal plan, RDN approved with easy instructions and emergency and disaster policies and procedures.

Meals for All emergency preparedness meal solution provides:


Our Facility purchased Meals for All because everything is included and all diets are supported. In the past, there have been so many questions during survey about the emergency supplies.  State surveyor passed this year without any questions and was impressed with how little space was needed to store three days of food for 120 people.

Debbie M.  CDM, CFPP,  Fairfield, CA


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