Disaster strikes. Are you prepared?

Disolve your worries. WE have a solution!

Dissolve your worries. WE have a solution!

Get it and forget it! Meals for All

Meals for All – The Emergency Preparedness Solution

Emergencies from Hurricane Katrina to the earthquakes and fires in California have taught us a tragic lesson that providing residents with proper nutritional care during emergency periods is critical to survival of residents, hospitals and facilities.

Meals for All is committed to helping healthcare communities ensure institutional emergency preparedness for uninterrupted nutrition care that saves lives and money. Meals for All are complete, convenient, cost-effective and planned with regulations in mind to reduce nutrition risk and expense in emergencies. Finally, an emergency preparedness meal solution we can all live with.

Cut Emergency Meal Cost by 90%

Meals for All costs 90% less than traditional emergency meal preparedness as the ten-year shelf life drastically reduces inventory turnover when stored in a cool, dry location. You also spend less time managing emergency food inventory. Meals for All are planned to meet all your emergency preparedness and nutritional requirements and save money by avoiding costly survey deficiencies. Your emergency preparedness solution.

RDN Formulated and Approved

The Meals for All emergency preparedness solution offers a complete, RDN created and approved emergency meal plan, emergency and disaster policies and procedures, and nutritious, delicious Meals for All. These menus were created by Meals for All Registered Dietitians based on thirty-five years of expertise.

“I love that Meals for All is designed to ensure all staff, not just Dietary staff, feel comfortable in preparing meals for our residents in an emergency situation.”

-Tracie, RDN, Riverside CA


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